Meet Algorius Net Viewer 10.1

We are glad to announce the release of Algorius Net Viewer 10.1.

This version basically has additional features that simplify the use of the application.
Let’s discuss the main ones.

Vector Network Map in the Web Interface

The display of the computer network map in the Web interface has been significantly upgraded. Now it is displayed in a vector form, as in the application interface.

First, this enables map zooming. Due to vector graphics, high-quality scaling is provided, without pixelation.

Second, this significantly reduces the load on the Web server, since you no longer need to convert the computer network scheme into raster graphics format PNG. This was especially critical for large schemes, since processing huge images required large amounts of memory and CPU time on the server and in browsers.

Third, now it is possible to select and copy any text directly from the network scheme. This provides additional convenience in work.

Save to SVG

The network map image in this version can be saved in vector graphics format SVG. Vector graphics provide high-quality scaling and, thanks to the SVG format, export preserves animation that Algorius Net Viewer uses to visually display device statuses and alert events.

This feature allows you to create interactive screenshots of a computer network scheme and use them for demonstration in various presentations and publications.

Network schema saved to SVG from Algorius Net Viewer 10.1
Network schema saved to SVG from Algorius Net Viewer 10.1

Important! We have expanded the license agreement by adding a clause that expressly approves the use of images of devices supplied with Algorius Net Viewer for demonstration, presentation, or publication of computer network schemes that you create in Algorius Net Viewer.

Database Export / Import

In the 'Tools' menu, items for exporting and importing the contents of the Algorius Net Viewer database have been added. This simplifies the creation of the database backup copies and facilitates the transfer of data to another database. Optionally, you can choose what you want to export or import, for example, a monitoring log or inventory cards.

Files are exported in XML format, which enables further import regardless of the type of database.

Search for items in lists

All lists in the application interface now support search for items. This allows you to quickly find and navigate to the desired item in the list. You can quickly find the desired map, event alert, item in the inventory card, etc.

To quickly navigate to the desired item, just start typing its name. Only those items that contain the text entered will remain in the list. To cancel filtering, just press 'ESC' or close the text field.

Proxy for App Update

An application can now be updated using a proxy server. This is often required in corporate networks. Proxy server parameters can be set in the application settings.

Innovations and fixed errors

The full list of innovations and fixed errors is available at the following link:

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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