Meet Algorius Net Viewer 11.2

We are glad to inform you about the release of Algorius Net Viewer 11.2. The main innovation in this version is the server control panel, which allows you to get information about the server operation, configure the server startup parameters, as well as export or import the server database.

Server control panel

Now, if you run Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup on the computer where the server is installed, the server control panel will open:

The server control panel Algorius Net Viewer
The server control panel Algorius Net Viewer

The server control panel displays the following information:

  • State of Algorius Net Viewer Server (stopped or running);
  • Duration of continuous operation of Algorius Net Viewer Server;
  • Load that Algorius Net Viewer Server place on the system;
  • Brief information about the server configuration;
  • Size of the server database;
  • Server log;
  • List of errors from the server log.

Using the control panel, you can stop or start the server, change its configuration, export or import the server

Export allows saving the information from the server database in an archive (ZIP file) to create a backup copy, as well as migrating to another database.

Import allows loading information from an archive (ZIP file) into the database. Thus you can restore the database from a backup copy, or perform a migration of the server to another database.

Other innovations

Much attention in this version is paid to the usability of the application. Many errors have been fount and fixed. You can find the full list of changes at the following link:

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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