Meet Algorius Net Viewer 11.7

The main change in this version is the transition to the new version of the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 (instead of 4.0). Also, all used libraries and database drivers have been updated to the latest versions.

Migration to the .Net Framework 4.8 allowed to significantly increase application performance, reduce the load on the processor, and reduce memory consumption.

Due to the update of all the components used in the program, support for various standards, such as Unicode, SSL, TLS, certificates, long file paths and much more, has been updated. Also, some system bugs that were present in older versions have been eliminated.

Due to the fact that Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 does not support older Windows versions (XP, Vista, Server 2003), now Algorius Net Viewer does not support these versions of Windows. This change did not affect the Inventory Agent, so that it remains possible to retrieve the configuration of legacy computers that are difficult to access over the network.

Changes in device collection

New devices in Algorius Net Viewer 11.7
New devices in Algorius Net Viewer 11.7

8 new devices have been added:

  • In the Network group: PoE injector, PoE switch, Socket RJ45, Wi-Fi VPN router;
  • In the Rack group: Rack PDU;
  • In the VoIP group: VoIP-PBX;
  • In the Peripherals group: AV receiver.

Attention, the following devices have been changed:

  • KVM has been modified, renamed to KVM switch and moved from the Peripherals group to the Network group.
  • Rack KVM has been renamed to Rack LCD KVM, and there’s a new device instead of Rack KVM.
  • Rack ATS has been renamed to Rack IP-PBX;
  • IPTV media player has been renamed to TV receiver;
  • Grid-tie inverter moved from the Network group to the Peripherals group.

Other changes

The full list of innovations and fixed errors is available at the following link:

If you find any errors in the application's functioning, or have suggestions for its improvement, we are always glad to hear about them. This helps us enhance the product’s quality and develop it taking into account your suggestions.

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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