Meet Algorius Net Viewer 2024.5.1

Algorius Net Viewer 2024.5.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Algorius Net Viewer 2024.5.1. This update contains a number of innovations intended to improve working with objects on the map and broaden monitoring and network infrastructure inventory capabilities.

Let's take a closer look at the main changes.

Working with the map

One of the long-awaited innovations is the rotation and mirroring of objects on the map. Additionally, it is now also possible to set the angle of text rotation within the block.

We've added a new common frame feature to improve object interaction. Now when you select several objects, you can adjust or rotate them all at once.

Arrows and tunnels have been added as new shape types.

Rotating and mirroring objects in Algorius Net Viewer
Rotating and mirroring objects in Algorius Net Viewer

You can now store images on the Algorius Net Viewer server. In order to do so, a new Web folder has been added to the server data directory. If you specify the relative path to the image file, the image will be loaded from that folder on the server. This functionality applies to images on the map, as well as images in device descriptions.

Now you can open several device editors at the same time, even if these devices are located on different maps. This will make editing devices and transferring data between them easier.


New sensors based on WMI have been added for monitoring computer statuses:

  • CPU: To measure the load on the processor;
  • Memory: To measure free or unavailable RAM;
  • Service: To verify service operation.


New macros have been added to put device statistical information into notification text on the map. New conditions have been added for events. You can now be notified if a sensor value is unchanged for a certain period of time.

Inventory management

The collection of drive information has been expanded. Now the type of drive, bus, and firmware version are additionally determined.

The collection of battery information has been expanded. The model and voltage are additionally determined.

Other changes

Proxy server support has been integrated into various program modules. If a proxy server is specified, it will automatically be used for application updates, geo-map loading, and device image loading, if specified via URI. Optionally proxy is available for sensors and notifications, which require a connection to an external server.

The full list of innovations and fixed errors is available at the following link:

If you find any errors in the application's functioning, or have suggestions for its improvement, we are always glad to hear about them. This helps us enhance the product’s quality and develop it taking into account your suggestions.

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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