Building network as easy as ABC: Algorius Net Viewer 6.0 with Network Discovery Wizard!

We are glad to announce the release of new 6th version of Algorius Net Viewer.

User interface is so simple that you can start working without any preliminary preparation. There are such new convenient tools as Welcome Screen and Network Discovery Wizard. With new demo maps you can study the product features and start working faster.

Welcome screen

With new Welcome screen it takes less time to start using the application. You can study demo maps, open existing maps of your network or create new ones. In case of any questions you can use feedback links. You can also find the answer on our website or in online documentation. You can contact our support any time.

Welcome screen
Welcome screen

New demo maps

Installation package includes new demo maps: examples of small and middle-range networks and a map with the full collection of default devices. Demo maps can be opened from Welcome Screen or from 'Demo' catalog.

Map with the full collection of default devices can be really helpful in everyday operations. It includes all devices in their real scale – thus you can easily find what you need and copy it to your network map.

Network Discovery Wizard

New wizard will help to find devices in your network and use these data to create network map.

Network Discovery Wizard
Network Discovery Wizard

Device search can be performed by scanning network segments or specified IP ranges. There are various methods of network scanning:

  • ARP — defines the device availability by its presence in ARP table. Can be used to find hidden devices.
  • Ping/MultiPing/TCP/UDP — defines the device availability by its response for specified protocol/port.
  • DNS — defines the device availability by its DNS name, also shows the DNS name of a device.
  • NetBios/SNMP/WMI — defines the devices and shows their information via corresponding protocols.

You can add devices from your network (workgroup or domain).

You can import network map from Visio file. Devices, their names, network addresses, links, text blocks with formatting are uploaded.

Export to Visio

Now you can export network map to Visio file. Just go to File -> Export to Visio and select a file for export. Export is automatic.

Visio file is convenient for presentations or sending to other people. Please also note the you can browse network maps for free in Lite version of Algorius Net Viewer.

Device Scanning Wizard

With Device Scanning Wizard you can scan devices by various means. You can easily find services, launched on particular devices, database instances, game servers etc. You can also define current device status, CPU temperature, free space on drives etc.

Device Scanning Wizard
Device Scanning Wizard

SNMP MIB browser

SNMP MIB browser is another one convenient tool for network administrator, available in Algorius Net Viewer. You can use it to check the structure of MIB files, current values of MIB objects for particular devices. OID selection is now easier for 'SNMP' scanning — now you can check its description or search by name.

Application includes MIB file according to RFC1213 standard. You can use it to browse device info, tables of network interfaces and TCP connections etc.

MIB files are available on the websites of network equipment manufacturers.

New scanning methods

Added the following new scanning methods:

  • ARP — defines the device availability by the presence of its IP in ARP table.
  • DNS — defines the device existence by availability of DNS name for its IP.
  • Netbios — defines the device existence by requesting its Netbios name.

Upgraded text editor

Now you can select the style for the text boxes: rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse or cloud. You can resize the rectangles, place various devices on top of them, add hyperlinks etc.

Text can be aligned vertically in the text boxes now. It can be convenient when text box is stretched vertically.

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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