Algorius Net Viewer 6.2 — now even faster!

We are glad to inform you about the release of new Algorius Net Viewer version 6.2.

This version is focused on monitoring log maintenance. With Algorius Net Viewer you can monitor tens of thousands of devices, thus the aspect of database size and report generation speed becomes crucial in large networks. This version successfully resolves these issues.

In a couple words, database size decreases 30-fold in this version, and report generation based on monitoring log becomes 100 times faster on average.

Please note!

New monitoring log is implemented in this version. You should transfer the data from old log to the new one to have them available. Application will notify you to perform this operation at the first launch of this version and then at the first database connection. Data transfer is automatic and takes some time depending on database size and HDD performance. Average data transfer speed is 7 minutes per 1 GB of the data:

Algorius Net Viewer - Database update
Algorius Net Viewer - Database update

How to make the data transfer faster

Data transfer runs in background in separate window. You can use the application in the meanwhile. You can pause the monitoring before transfer and not run any report during the transfer - it will make things faster.

Backward compatibility

If you’d like to rollback to old Algorius Net Viewer versions in the future and you need to keep the old monitoring log, we recommend making database backup prior to installation of this version. If integrated database is used (by default) then you can just copy 'Log.db' file (its location is now shown in application settings). If you use external database, then you can make the backup by its means.

New monitoring log

Monitoring log keeps detailed data for 3 hours enabling the detailed immediate log. All entries older than 3 hours are grouped by 1 hour. Only those records are grouped where device didn’t change its state, error code or scanning method. E.g. if a device was always on or off during one hour and was scanned each minute, one record will persist in database instead of 60. Thus database size can be decreased 60 times. And the less records you have, the faster reports are generated. Statistics data are taken each hour – number of scans, min and max value etc. Thus you can quickly generate accurate reports and charts.

Data in monitoring log are now indexed by map and by device. It further enhances report generation speed per map and especially per device.

Now you can specify location of the file with integrated database. This ability lets you to store database on a high-speed drive to increase performance. If you need to transfer a database, just copy 'Log.db' file to required location and specify this location in application settings. Afterwards you can delete old 'Log.db' if it is no longer needed:

Algorius Net Viewer - Logging Options
Algorius Net Viewer - Logging Options

Reports enhancements

Working time, statistics and monitoring log reports are improved. Support of 'Warning' state for devices is enhanced. Duration of specific state of a device is calculated differently – if there was no monitoring during specific period, then it is assumed that device had the same state. It makes reports more convenient.

Backup copy maintenance

Now you can specify the location for a catalog of backup copies for files being saved or updated:

Algorius Net Viewer - Maps Server Options
Algorius Net Viewer - Maps Server Options

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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