Algorius Net Viewer 7.1 - even more efficient now!

We are glad to inform you about the release of new Algorius Net Viewer 7.1 version.

Following our good tradition, version 7.1 is based on our users’ feedback. Your reviews, wishes and especially critics help our product to become better! We sincerely thank all our users for their participation in project development.

New 7.1 version first of all includes the enhanced functionality to work with devices and several changes, improving the application functionality for more convenient and efficient operation.

Several scanning methods

Major enhancement in version 7.1 — possibility to assign several scanning methods to one device. Previous versions had the similar functionality via ports and interfaces, but it was designed for other purposes.

Scanning methods can be added from device editor. It is convenient when you need to change one device only and configure it in details right now. If you need to add/delete/change scanning method for several devices on one map at once, select them on the map and use context menu. You can use group operations to edit several devices on different maps. Now you can also use them to add/remove scanning method – not only to change it.

Please note! This functionality has no backward compatibility with previous versions. If there is one scanning method defined for a device, it will be saved as before. If there are several scanning methods, then map will not open in old version.

Refresh rate profiles

Now you can specify how often you want to scan a device by specific method. There are 5 refresh rate profiles: Default, Very often, Often, Seldom and Very seldom. You can define a value for each profile in monitoring settings – e.g. every 40 seconds as often and every 10 minutes as seldom.

You can assign refresh rate profile from device editor, from context menu and by group operations.

Renaming of device types

Now you can rename device types on your own. Before you had to create own device collection with new names for that – now it is much easier. Just select 'Rename' in the context menu and enter the display name. Maps are not changed. Display name is saved in the application settings and is displayed automatically instead of the original name in the application, reports and notifications.

Inventory summary

New inventory report Summary shows the inventory results as a table with relation to devices on a map. E.g. you can use this report to show all audio and graphic cards installed on all workstations on a map. You can sort, filter and export data to various formats.

New devices

Following new devices are added in the standard collection: Graphics tablet, Gamepad, Screen, Interactive board, Multilayer switch, Hub, ATM switch, Comm server, ISDN switch, Gateway, Workgroup switch, Bridge, Access server, Router.

New devices in Algorius Net Viewer
New devices in Algorius Net Viewer

Full-screen mode

With new menu item 'View->Full Screen' you can change the application to full-screen. Only main menu and map are displayed in this mode. There is even no window title. Thus more information is displayed on a screen. It is even more convenient when application is opened on a separate big screen.

Interface changes

There are some minor changes in application interface.

Now, when you close the tab, the map remains in the tree and its monitoring continues.

External commands are now available for execution if they are compatible with at least one of the selected devices. You can use this feature to select an area on a map and execute a command for all compatible devices in this area.

Map refresh 'F5' now updates only the selected devices (if any), not the whole map as before. Devices are added in the beginning of monitoring queue, not in the end. Thus you can update the status of the required devices only.

New %DESCRIPTION% macro can be used to enter device description. Macro is available for notifications and external commands.

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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