Meet Algorius Net Viewer 8.0!

Algorius Net Viewer 8.0

We are glad to announce the release of the 8th version of Algorius Net Viewer.

This version includes updated Web interface, new reporting system, new charts and many other enhancements.

It’s of special joy that this version was released on SysAdminDay!
We sincerely congratulate all system administrators with your professional holiday and wish you no downtimes, stable connect and grateful users!

New Web interface

The first thing we want to mention is the updated Web interface – now it is more contemporary, easy-to-use and has more features. Optimization of the internal processes made it even faster. HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript were used to implement new Web interface.

Web interface in Algorius Net Viewer
Web interface in Algorius Net Viewer

Now you can move big maps on screen by holding a mouse button. Device descriptions include the monitoring details (except external scanning methods due to security reasons). Current notification events are displayed for each scanning method.

New reporting system

Some details about new reporting system. Now you can easily configure any report according to your needs: select required columns, order and group them, set filters and default parameters.

You can also create your own report templates. E.g. you can add several charts for various periods or with different parameters and switch between them.

All Algorius Net Viewer reports are divided into following categories: Map reports, Monitoring reports, Inventory reports, Service reports. Each category includes the relevant types of reports. During the first launch, application creates the initial report templates for all report types – one template per type. You can configure them as you need, create your own templates and disable the ones not needed.

New reporting system in Algorius Net Viewer
New reporting system in Algorius Net Viewer

You can order the reports; rename report categories, types and templates. You can assign a hotkey for each report to launch it faster. All these features dramatically improve the user experience.

Report tree is generated automatically based on the specified settings. It is available both in the Application UI and in the Web interface and helps you to launch the required report quickly.

New charts

The charts are now interactive with the help of HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript.

First of all, it significantly enhanced the Web server performance due to lower traffic and moving the chart generation from server to client side.

Charts are also much more convenient and responsive now. Hint shows the exact monitoring results for specified period on mouseover. If you double-click the period, chart will be shown for this period only. Separate percentage scale shows downtime. Downtime chart shows the problematic time moments and makes it possible to evaluate their severity.

Changes in notification system

Notifications are more accurate now. You can specify exact trigger values in the notification settings. E.g. warning if Ping is higher than 100 ms. Or alarm if temperature is below 10°C or above 70°C.

Changes in notification system in Algorius Net Viewer
Changes in notification system in Algorius Net Viewer

Naming of notification events is also improved – text is easier to understand now. You can also rename the events now. When you point a mouse over a device, current events are shown for each scanning method. All these features enable the interesting functionality – you drag a mouse over a device and see various data like 'warning: low disk space'; 'error: no toner in the printer'; 'warning: high CPU temperature' etc. Possible sensors are almost unlimited due to WMI and SNMP support.

New notification macro are added: %METHOD% (to display scanning method name) and %VALUE% (for scanning result).


Notification settings are completely removed from scanning method settings to notification event settings.

Let’s take an example: in version 7.x in the settings of 'Ping' scanning method you could configure: 'warning if Ping>1000ms'. Now it is defined in notification event settings. Now you can specify various periods and assign severity level for each period, so notification system is more flexible now.

If you have been using warning settings in scanning methods, please move them to notification settings in the new version.

Fixed errors

You can check the list of all fixes in the full features/fixes list by the following link:

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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