Meet Algorius Net Viewer 9.1!

We are glad to announce the release of Algorius Net Viewer 9.1.

In this version, you will receive an updated collection of devices, notification on schedule, new ways to scan and notify, and many other improvements.

Updated Collection of Network Devices

When launching the updated application, the first thing you will notice is the updated collection of devices. Images of all devices have a new look, and thanks to the elaborated unified style, the devices harmoniously blend into the application interface and significantly increase the visibility and information capacity of the network map. Now it is easy to visually determine the state of the device, whether it is 'On' or 'Off'.

Updated Collection of Network Devices for Algorius Net Viewer 9.1
Updated Collection of Network Devices for Algorius Net Viewer 9.1

The collection of devices is constantly replenished, mainly according to users' requests. In this version, more than a dozen new devices and two new categories – 'VoIP' and 'Security' – are added.

Despite the significant expansion of the collection of devices, the new design has allowed to optimize and almost halve the size of files with the device images. This has a positive effect on performance when displaying maps with a large number of devices, both in the application and in the web interface.

Notification on Schedule

Now alerts from Algorius Net Viewer can be received at scheduled intervals. Such feature appeared thanks to the schedule book, which can be easily configured in the notification settings. The schedule contained in it can be used and assigned to 'Events'. You can use the scheduled notification for the following purposes:

  • Disable notification when it is not required. E.g. notify about specific event during working time only.
  • Check that specific devices are off at the specific time. You can use notification actions to turn off the specified machines forcibly at the specific time.
  • Check that specific devices are on at the specific time. You can use notification action to turn on the specified machines forcibly at the specific time.
Notification on Schedule in Algorius Net Viewer 9.1
Notification on Schedule in Algorius Net Viewer 9.1

Saving Reports upon Notification

In the notification settings, you can add an action 'Save report'. This allows you to keep a detailed record of events. The following formats are supported: Word, Excel, PDF, XML, CSV. Thanks to macros, reports can be grouped in catalogs by date or map name.

In combination with other innovations, this gives a lot of new opportunities. For example, the application can check which devices are turned on after the end of the day, save the report on these computers, and force them to shut down.

Running Web Query upon Notification

In the notification settings, there is now an opportunity to run a Web query. This allows you to use external Web services for notification. For example, if you use some bug-tracker, chat, or messenger, Algorius Net Viewer can automatically create tasks, send messages, execute commands, etc., provided that external Web services support the corresponding HTTP-API.

Database Support

In the logging settings, it became possible to directly use External Databases, in contrast to using them through ODBC only. Support for the most popular databases (such as Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL) has been added. Direct work with databases without ODBC provides higher performance and simplifies configuration.

Support of databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL
Support of databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL

In the monitoring settings, a new scanning method is added – SQL. It allows to get the value of the monitoring result by running a SQL query. For the most popular databases, a direct connection is supported. For other databases, you can use an ODBC connection.

Device Attributes Automatic Update

In the previous version, it became possible to update device attributes by importing from a CSV file. In this version, the Device Scanning Wizard is able to record the result of monitoring in the scanned device’s attribute. These features are especially useful when you need to update the attributes of a large number of devices at the same time.

For example, with this functionality, you can scan devices by SNMP/WMI, get their 'MAC address', and save it in the device attribute on the map. This provides immediate access to the specified attribute, and also allows you to use it in external commands such as WOL (Wake On Lan).

Note: In this version, the Device Scanning Wizard is moved to the menu 'Tools->Standard->Device Scanning' and is now available through the context menu on the map.

URI scanning

For URI scanning method, the ability to get the device status from an external site by analyzing the content of the 'HTTP page' is added. There are different ways of authorization to access the page.

For example, while the router shows the status of the devices connected to it on its page (administrator panel), Algorius Net Viewer can turn them on and display them on the network map. You can specify a text prefix or a regular expression to search for a value. This allows you to get almost any textual information from the Web: you can determine whether a user is present on the organization’s portal, request a current account in the game, etc.

Macros Support in Scanning Methods Settings

Macros support has been added for such scanning methods as External, WMI, UDP, URI, SQL. Using %ADDRESS%, %HOST% and %IP% macros, you can build dynamic WQL, HTTP, SQL and other queries. In addition, these macros can be used in the password manager or the login name.

Improvements in Working with Maps and Reports

This version contains many other innovations that make it easier to work with maps and reports and provide new opportunities. All of them are available in the full list of updates:

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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