New licensing and pricing policy

In version 10, there were changes in the licensing and pricing policies.

The free version is available now. The free version allows opening up to 5 maps of computer networks, adding up to 25 devices to each map, monitoring up to 25 hosts, creating up to 25 inventory cards, and viewing reports for 1 month.

If you want more, you should purchase a commercial license.

Previously, only Perpetual Licenses with unlimited validity were offered; Annual Licenses are now available. And the cost of the Annual license is 3 times less than the cost of the Perpetual license.

The validity for the annual licenses ranges from 1 to 3 years. The period of access to updates for perpetual licenses is at least 1 year and can be extended at any time by paying the cost of renewal. There are discounts when ordering for 2-3 years. The discount is automatically applied when ordering.

In connection with the Inventory module update, the choice of license is now influenced not only by the number of monitoring hosts, but also by the number of inventory cards.

We replaced 'Starter', 'Intermediate', 'Standard', 'Advanced', 'Professional', 'Unlimited' license names with 'ANV-25', 'ANV-50', 'ANV-100', 'ANV-500', 'ANV-1000', 'ANV-Unlim' indices, respectively. This allowed the introduction of new indices: 'ANV-250', 'ANV-2500', 'ANV-5000', 'ANV-10000'.

For example, a license with an 'ANV-500' index allows to monitor 500 hosts and create 500 inventory cards.

The current number of Hosts and Cards is displayed in the License Manager, which is available through the application interface in the 'Help' menu.

License Manager in Algorius Net Viewer 10.0
License Manager in Algorius Net Viewer 10.0

More information is available in the Licensing section.

A price list with prices for all new types of licenses is available at the following link: