Version 11 development history


Fixed errors:

  • Errors when using special characters in map name on the server – fixed.
  • A rare error when saving report settings when using Oracle or MS-SQL database – fixed.
  • Saving scale of maps loaded from server – fixed.
  • A rare error when drawing lines on a map – fixed.


What's new in this version:

  • Negotiage (Kerberos, NTLM) authorization on the server.
  • License manager for server.
  • Improved collaboration when re-capturing maps for editing.
  • Ability to clear server cache from the client.
  • Collecting hard disk status from SMART in inventory.
  • Support for SSH2 encryption for authorization in MySQL 8.x.
  • Updated documentation on using HTTPS for the server.
  • Displaying console text in case of an error when using the external scanning method.
  • Small improvements in the application interface.

Fixed errors:

  • Incorrect table layout in WMI and MIB browsers — fixed.
  • An error when updating of the collection of devices from the server on the clients — fixed.
  • An error in the Inventory Change Log — fixed.
  • An error when loading the default login on the server — fixed.
  • An error when using maximum coordinates in OpenStreetMap — fixed.
  • An error during initialization in MySQL 8.x — fixed.
  • An error when disabling logging on the server — fixed.
  • An error when adding an e-mail server without authorization — fixed.
  • In some cases, not all available maps were displayed in the Web interface — fixed.
  • A rare error when opening the welcome page – fixed.
  • Errors during SNMP v3 authorization on some devices – fixed.
  • Error when saving invisible lines – fixed.
  • Error when editing the software list in the inventory on the server – fixed.
  • Error when generating a report for all software in the inventory – fixed.
  • Error when running server configuration in old versions of .Net – fixed.


Fixed errors:

  • Fixed flickering of large maps in the editor when changing the scale.
  • fixed: maps background was not transferred when importing maps to the server.
  • Fixed incorrect saving of logins in the password manager on the server.
  • Fixed error when saving map to MS SQL database.
  • Fixed error when checking license limits.
  • Fixed error display when deleting a map on the server.
  • Fixed error when working with MS-SQL 2014 or earlier.


This version contains significant changes in the application architecture.
We encourage you to read the description of innovations.

  • Implementation of the Client-Server technology.
  • The possibility remains for working locally, without the Client-Server technology.
  • Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup application for server installation and configuration.
  • Algorius Net Viewer Server application to launch the server in the service mode or in the console.
  • Storage of maps, server settings, and inventory data in the server’s database.
  • Possibility of working simultaneously with multiple servers from the client.
  • Automatic receiving of maps, server settings, device collections, monitoring results, and inventory data by the client from the server.
  • Automatic synchronization of information on the client and on the server.
  • Capture of maps to be edited saved, or deleted on the server from the client.
  • Editing the server settings from the client.
  • A new system for authorization and authentication on the server and the web interface.
  • A system of rights for the client’s authorization on the server.
  • The 'Guest' role to view the permissioned computer network maps.
  • The 'Designer' role to view and edit the permissioned computer network maps.
  • The 'Administrator' role to set up the server (includes the designer’s rights).
  • The 'Super Administrator' role for account management, map creation and deletion (includes the administrator's rights).
  • Map server, Monitoring server and Web server have been replaced with the corresponding server functionality.
  • The Lite version has been replaced with the corresponding client functionality.
  • A new Server section in the main menu to work with the list of servers.
  • The elements of the Tools и Web sections in the main menu have been transferred to the Server section.

Licensing policy extension

  • One license can be used on multiple clients and one server simultaneously.
  • One license cannot be used on multiple servers simultaneously.
  • It is not mandatory to activate the license on the client, it is sufficient that the license is activated on the server.


  • The method for building the hierarchical map structure has been altered.
  • Relocation of a map under another map using the Drag&Drop feature in the map tree.
  • A new menu and control panel for the map tree.
  • Display of added servers in the map tree.
  • Possibility of connecting to/disconnecting from a server in the map tree.
  • Possibility of importing maps to the server from the context menu or by using the Drag&Drop feature in the map tree.
  • Access to the server settings from the menu and from the control panel in the map tree.
  • A name is now assigned to a map when it is created.
  • A new way of displaying maps that are captured for editing: with the use of icons containing a lock image in the map tree and in the tabs.
  • Links to other maps do not contain information about the hierarchical map structure anymore.


  • A new way of displaying a device list.
  • A new method for managing a device collection.
  • Separate folders for supplied and user device collections.
  • Possibility of hiding the device types that are not needed.
  • The double click action setting method has been changed for devices.
  • Possibility of setting up different actions for a double click on the device for the map in view or edit mode.


  • Creation/editing of notification settings on the server from the client.
  • Possibility of setting notification for the client and for each server separately.


  • Editing the inventory sections on the server from the client.
  • Creation/editing of inventory cards on the server from the client.


  • The Monitoring Queue report is now available in the web interface to users with the Administrator role.
  • The Web Access Log report is now available in the web interface to users with the Super Administrator role.
  • Optimization of the web access log: now only the pages and reports viewed in the web interface are recorded.


  • New welcome page.
  • New method for tab management.
  • Possibility of opening maps and inventory maps in temporary tabs.
  • Map preview in a temporary tab when the map is selected in the map tree.
  • Possibility of fixing a temporary tab by a double click.
  • A new method for displaying unsaved changes: in the form of an asterisk in the map or card tab.
  • Hot keys for all hierarchical lists allowing for opening or closing child nodes or all nodes: Ctrl+Plus, Ctrl+Minus, Ctrl+Shift+Plus, Ctrl+Shift+Minus.
  • Loading maps and inventory data in the background mode.
  • If a previously opened map or inventory card cannot be found, the corresponding error is displayed in its tab.
  • The %User% and "%Password%" macros have been replaced with the "%LOGIN_USER%" and "%LOGIN_PASSWORD%" macros (the old macros are supported for compatibility purposes).
  • The usernames in the client settings supersede the corresponding usernames in the server settings.
  • Copy/Paste buttons in the settings for report templates, scanning methods, and logins.
  • Optimization of the application’s functioning in different modules.
  • The incorrect display of statistics in the web interface for links to other maps has been fixed.
  • The error in the use of group operations has been fixed.
  • The method for sending messages to Telegram channels has been fixed.
  • The rare errors in map rendering in the application have been fixed.