Version 2023 development history



  • Improved display of charts in the tooltip.
  • In the Web interface for the Map->Scheme report, the `Show grid` option has been added.

Fixed Errors:

  • Fixed: Error when opening the Group Operations window if there are no maps available for editing.
  • Fixed: Errors when using additional attributes containing a dash in the name.
  • Fixed: Error when loading an SVG that contained a Path object with a transformation.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the `Number of records per page` setting was applied incorrectly in the Web interface.
  • Fixed: Saving map image did not take into account the `Show grid` option.
  • Fixed: Vertical scrolling did not work in some cases.



  • Optimization in the Inventory Cards panel when displaying a large number of cards.
  • Windows XP support for Inventory Agent has been returned.

Fixed Errors:

  • Fixed: Error when adding an additional attribute to a device.
  • Fixed: Error when opening a device report from the context menu.
  • Fixed: Error when adding sensors through group operations.
  • Fixed: Minor bugs in the application interface.


We recommend that you read the article about this version:

What's new in this version:

  • New numbering of application versions indicating the year, month and build number.
  • New application interface.
  • The client part has been completely rewritten from WinForms to WPF technology.
  • Support for high resolution monitors width high DPI.
  • Correct window transfer between monitors with different DPIs.
  • Support for hardware acceleration for map rendering.
  • Support for color schemes.
  • Ability to create your own color schemes.
  • Display menu or tabs in the window title.
  • POssibility to place the menu in a separate button.
  • Ability to hide menu, control panel, tabs and other interface elements.
  • Ability to hide some items of the menu.
  • Improved full screen mode.
  • Display the number of devices and events in the status bar.
  • Display the number of messages, notifications and system errors in the status bar.
  • Improved Notification messages window.
  • New notification action: Animate on map.
  • Displays the Layers and Devices panels to the right of the map editor.
  • Ability to display multiple panels on the left or right sidebar.
  • New menu: Tools.
  • New side panels: Servers, Properties.
  • The functionality of the Servers menu has been moved to the Servers panel.
  • The functionality of the Maps menu has been moved to the Maps panel.
  • The functionality of the line editor and text editor has been moved to the Properties panel.
  • Object alignment functionality has been moved to the Properties panel.
  • The functionality of the Map Background window has been moved to the Properties panel.
  • Ability to simultaneously edit the properties of several selected maps.
  • Ability to specify exact coordinates and sizes of objects on the map.
  • Improved work with layers.
  • Improved work with geomaps.
  • New objects: figures, widgets.
  • Common properties for text blocks, shapes, images, map links.
  • Ability to simultaneously edit the properties of several selected objects.
  • New color editor with support for HEX, RGBA, HSB/HSV and custom palettes.
  • Ability to display all cards in the Inventory Cards panel.
  • New icons on tabs for maps with indicating the severity of events.
  • Grouping of sensors.
  • Improved adding of sensors in the device editor.
  • Ability to drag the map with two fingers on the touchpad.
  • Ability to reset the window position from the context menu of the tray icon.
  • New notification window to notify you about new versions and license expiration.
  • Support for styles in SVG files.
  • New device category Industrial (contains 5 new devices).
  • New category of IoT devices (contains 31 new devices).
  • New devices in the Computers category: RDP server, Remote desktop.
  • New devices in the Links category: File, Software, User, Users.
  • New devices in the Network category: FC APC duplex, FC APC simplex, FC UPC duplex, FC UPC simplex, LC APC duplex, LC APC simplex, LC UPC duplex, LC UPC simplex, SC APC duplex, SC APC simplex, SC UPC duplex, SC UPC simplex.
  • New devices in the Rack category: Rack core switch, Rack large server, Rack optical panel.
  • New devices in the Satellite category: Geotag.
  • New devices in the Schema category: Core switch, Database, Firewall, RDP, Wi-Fi controller.
  • New devices in the Structures category: Biofuel filling station, Business center, Clinic, EV charging station, Factory, Fuel filling station, Gas filling station, Mall, Mini office, Office, Warehouse.
  • New devices in the Trade category: Biofuel dispenser, EV charging, EV charging connector, Fuel, Fuel dispenser, Fuel nozzle, Gas dispenser, Postamat.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.