Version 2 development history


What's new in this version:

  • Network map group capture/release.
  • Recognition of hyperlinks in the text fields on the map.
  • Recognition of hyperlinks in the description of devices.
  • Support of macros in the description of devices.
  • New report view window.
  • Automatic update of reports.
  • An improved algorithm for drawing objects located one above the other.
  • Grouping of external commands.
  • Total Commander support.


What's new in this version:

  • Assignment additional attributes for devices.
  • Using additional attributes in external commands.
  • Setting shortcut key for external command.
  • Displaying most-used commands at the root of the context menu.
  • New functional window when you hover over device.
  • Searching in submaps.


Maps server:

  • Centralized storage of maps, images, device collections.
  • Automatic and manual refresh of maps, images and device collections among users.
  • Exchange between servers.
  • Synchronized map editing with an ability to capture map for editing, release map, fix and revert the changes.
  • It is shown who edits which map.
  • Backup maintenance for maps, images, device collections with the ability of automatic deletion after expiry of storage period.

Monitoring server:

  • Centralized device scanning in computer network.
  • Providing monitoring result to other users.
  • Server-to-Server exchange.