Version 6 development history


What's new in this version:

  • WMI Browser.
  • New devices: Computers: iMac, Rack HDMI splitter, Rack blade server, Rack KVM, Digital camera, Monitor, KVM, Headphones, Laminator, Video camera, Screen, DVD drive, FDD, HDMI splitter, LAN tester, Wi-Fi adapter, House, Building, Government building, University building, Barcode scanner.
  • Ability to specify the exact period for reports and charts.
  • Displaying the device name along with port name.
  • Displaying the number of devices and events on the map in Web interface.
  • Some problems have been fixed in various modules.

Description of the main new features


What's new in this version:

  • New monitoring log.
  • Improved reports.
  • Possibility to specify location of the internal database file.
  • Possibility to specify location of the backup folder.

It will be required to move data from the old monitoring log to the new one.
We recommend you to read description of the new features.


Improved SMS notification:

  • SMS sending changed from text to PDU mode, which is considered as more stable.
  • Added possibility to view information about modem.
  • Added possibility to specify Service Center No.

Application performance optimization:

  • Faster monitoring queue processing.
  • Faster notification events processing.

Fixed errors:

  • Fixed incorrect showing of duration when operating as a service.
  • Added showing of details when operating as a service.
  • Fixed possible error with the launch of Web server when switching 'Run as service' mode.
  • Fixed unnecessary creation of an empty database for the service.
  • Fixed growth of the service settings file.
  • Fixed processing of monitoring queue for devices with lower priority.
  • Fixed error when using MS SQL for logging.
  • Fixed duplication of external commands after loading settings from another file while running.
  • Fixed error 'pipe is being closed' if the ARP table is empty.
  • Improved support of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.


Notification window:

  • Grouping of notifications for one device.
  • Showing of number of hourly/daily messages.
  • Showing of date and time and elapsed time.
  • Possibility to close individual messages.
  • Possibility to switch “Above All” display mode.
  • Possibility to specify message closure time from the event resolution.

Response time chart:

  • Showing of minimal, average and maximum response time.
  • Showing of downtime in a percentage scale.
  • Time scale is improved.


  • Possibility to run as Windows service.
  • New devices: Thin client, Rack NAS, Retail scale, Receipt printer, Power strip, Multimedia speaker, Subtransmission tower.
  • Search performance optimization.
  • Device collection is divided into several parts.
  • Hints are shown in more convenient manner when you drag over the adjacent devices.
  • Possibility to change device size in any side.
  • Adding devices and text boxes is simpler now.
  • Possibility to specify optional intermediate host in Wake-On-LAN.

Description of the main new features


What's new in this version:

  • Welcome window.
  • Network discovery wizard.
  • Device scanning wizard.
  • New demo maps.
  • SNMP MIB Browser.
  • Export map into Visio document.
  • Import map from Visio document.
  • New scanning methods: ARP, DNS, Netbios.
  • New devices: Radio antenna, GSM tower.
  • New styles of text blocks.
  • Ability to hide control panel.
  • Vertical alignment in text blocks.
  • Added Apply button in object editors.
  • Improved snapping to grid of text blocks.
  • Improved working with maps, opened via the network.

Description of the main new features