Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Wake On Lan

Algorius Net Viewer contains Wake On Lan utility. It allows to turn PCs on remotely via network, using so called Magic Packet.

By default, Wake On Lan is added as a standard external command. Select Management->Wake On Lan in device’s context menu to use Wake On Lan.

In order to use Wake On Lan you have to know MAC-address of a machine to be turned on. Algorius Net Viewer collects MAC-addresses of all devices and enters it automatically. If device’s MAC-address is not defined for some reason, you can enter it manually in device settings in Equipment\MAC-address attribute.

Utility is stored in Utils\wol.exe in application catalog. It is the console application. Its syntax is shown after launching wol.exe:

wol.exe -p:<port> -h:<host> -m:<mac>


  • <port>: number of UDP port, optional, default - 9
  • <host>: host name or IP address of router, optional, default - broadcast
  • <mac>: MAC address of destination computer, required

For example:

  • wol.exe -m:A8-65-00-44-00-22
  • wol.exe -m:00:43:65:87:90:AB -p:1234
  • wol.exe -m:A8-65-00-44-00-22 -p:7

You can enter IP of an intermediate device like router, thus enabling turning a computer remotely, for example, via Internet. You should do the following with a router: router’s NAT should enable redirection of incoming UDP packages to specified port to all addresses of a local network (broadcast). If router’s NAT doesn’t support broadcast, then please do the following: in MAC-IP mapping in router’s setting enter the MAC-address of a machine to be turned on and its IP-address, then configure NAT to redirect to IP of a machine to be turned on.