Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Server Installation

Starting Installation

To install a server and configure its launch parameters, run the Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup application.

If there is no server installed in the system, upon launch Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup will show the Install Algorius Net Viewer Server screen:

If the server is already installed, the server control panel will open.

This application is only capable of adjusting settings that are relevant to server launching. Other server parameters are configured from the client. See Server Settings for more information.

Upon installing the server, the application offers two launch configuration modes: automatic and manual.

If you choose the automatic mode, all the launch parameters will be set by default. The installation shall take one step. This option is recommended for testing and demonstration purposes. You can change the configuration later if you need to.

If you choose the manual mode, the application will ask you to manually set the launch parameters. The installation will be done in multiple steps. This option is recommended for actual work situations.

Data Directory

Directory with server data is a catalog where servers store launch settings, database (if an integrated database is used), log files (work and launch log), backups and other information.

You can specify the directory via Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup application at the Directory step.

If the specified directory doesn't exist it will be created when you press Next. Since such the directory is going to contain confidential information, such as your logins for external databases and backups, the access to the new directory is protected by Windows administrator privileges.


During server installation, at the Authorization step, the authentication method and information about the user with the Super-Administrator role are established. Super-Administrator is the role with maximum privileges for Algorius Net Viewer servers.

The following authentication methods are provided on the Algorius Net Viewer server:

  • By password
  • Negotiate (Kerberos, NTLM)

When using authentication by password, the Algorius Net Viewer server is accessed using a username and a password.

When using Negotiate authentication, the user is the current user of your operating system or domain.

If you choose the automatic installation, password authentication is used. In this case the user with Super-Administrator role is assigned the following login and password: admin and admin. Using this login, you can access the server from the client and proceed with setup. Specifically, you can add other users. See User Accounts for more information.


You have unlimited free access to an Algorius Net Viewer server. However, registration comes with additional perks.

Server registration is done by activating a license key in the Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup application, at the Licensing step.

See Registration for more information.

Completing Installation

Moving towards the Finish step of the Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup installation, the application saves the specified settings, checks the accessibility of the database, initializes or refreshes the database structure (if necessary) and then installs and launches Algorius Net Viewer Server. If the service is already installed, the application reconfigures it according to the new changes and restarts it.

By default, the service starts from the System user. If required, you can change the user in the service settings.

If the server launch was successful, the system will prompt you to launch Algorius Net Viewer and connect to the server.

If any errors occurred during the server launch, the system will offer a launch log with detailed information on the error for review. See Troubleshooting for more information.