Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Server Settings

Server setup is done via Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup and Algorius Net Viewer application.

Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup handles server configuration, namely and solely the configuration of parameters required for server launch: data directory, database access parameters, web server address. See Server Installation for more information.

Other parameters are set up through the application (client).

To adjust server settings, select the server in the Server panel, and select one of the following options:

  • Configuration — to change general server settings.
  • Notification — to configure server notifications. See Notification settings for more information.

Only Administrators and Super-Administrators are authorized to configure servers. If the user attempting that doesn't have the required privileges, the system will prompt them to enter the required login to validate them.

Adjusting general server settings opens up a Server settings box with the server address in the header:

For your convenience, Server settings are made to be similar to the Options menu, while the color of the left panel is made to be distinctly different. The following sections are available:

  • Devices — to configure device collection.
  • Logins — to configure logins.
  • Monitoring — to configure monitoring.
  • Inventory — to configure inventory process.
  • Logging — to configure logging.
  • Reports — to configure report templates.
  • Users — to configure accounts. This section is only available for Super-Administrators.