Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Troubleshooting

The message 'Access Denied' appears when you start Web server.

Algorius Net Viewer Web server uses the Windows HTTP Server API, which requires that user who starts the Web server has right for this. There are the following ways to solve the issue:

1. Run the application with Administrator rights. Moreover, even if the current user is administrator, but the application is running under user account control (UAC), you need to run the application with advanced privileges (by selection "Run as Administrator" in the application shortcut).

2. Grant rights to current user to run the Web server. To do this, start console as administrator and execute the following command:

netsh http add urlacl http://+:80/ user=domain\user


  • 80 - port, where the Web server will run.
  • domain - user domain (if user is under domain).
  • user - user name in the operation system.

More detailed information can be obtained at the following link:

The message 'Wrong format of network name' appears when you start Web server.

1. Check that the Web server address is correct and satisfies the syntax of URI, for example:

  • http://localhost
  • http://MyServer:3234/ANV

2. Verify that the host, specified in the URI, is owned by the current computer (you can't start the Web server, so that it's executed on another PC).

The message 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process' appears when you start Web server.

The error indicates that the address and port where you want to run the Web server is being used by another application. Usually this error occurs when you try to run the Web server on the standard HTTP port (80), which is often really used (for example by Apache or IIS).

1. Try to specify additional virtual directory in the address, for example:

http://MyServer/ANV/ instead of http://MyServer/

If the port is used by another application that uses Windows API for Web servers, then this method will help to resolve the conflict.

2. Specify another port for the Web server, for example: http://MyServer:3234

3. Close another application, that is used the required port. Often this application is, oddly enough, Skype: go to Skype settings, select 'Advanced' in menu, disable 'Use port 80 and 443 as alternative incoming' and restart Skype. In most cases, this mode is not required for Skype.

Web server is running, but the Web interface does not open in browser.

1. Select WebOpen Web Interface from the main window menu, from the application where the Web server is run. If the method has helped, the more likely you specified an incorrect address in the browser.

2. Verify that the Web server is running and the application does not show any errors when running Web Server.

3. Verify that access to the specified address is not blocked by Firewall, both on the client and on the server computer. Command to disable the firewall for specified port:

netsh firewall add portopening TCP 80 ANV_Web_Server


  • 80 — port, where the Web server will run.

The message 'Access denied' appears when opening the Web interface.

Check the authentication settings specified the Web server configuration. Try temporarily specify anonymous authentication. Usually, this issue occurs if the user does not belong to the group with allowed access in the authentication settings. You should add the user in the group or write in another group in the authentication settings.