Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Color Themes

General Information

Color themes allow you to change the app's color range. To change it, select the desired color theme by going to ViewTheme.

Creating Your Own Theme

The theme files are located in the Themes directory where the application is installed. To open this directory in Explorer, go to ViewThemeOpen Containing Folder. Select the file with the theme you want to use as a base and open it in a text editor (e.g., Notepad).

The application uses the Internal color theme by default. The Light.theme file corresponds to this color scheme.

The file with a theme is a regular text file, each line of which contains the name of an element and its value (color). You should only edit the value that goes after '=' separation symbol. The color is specified in HTML format, for example: Red, black, FF00FF. You can make an element transparent by specifying Transparent as the color value, or translucent by specifying an alpha channel (aRGB), for example: 80FF00FF.

Save the file with your theme next to the original one and specify the theme name and file extension (.theme) as the file name. Your color theme will then be added to ViewTheme. Select it to apply your color theme to the application. You can continue editing the file. Each time you save the file, the changes will be immediately applied in the application.

It's not recommended to edit files with schemes that are supplied with the application because these files may be updated in new versions of Algorius Net Viewer, and your changes will be lost.