Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Installation

Algorius Net Viewer installation procedure is similar to the other Windows OS software installation procedures.

Run the Algorius Net Viewer installation package. The Installation Wizard will appear. Click Next button to continue.

You will be asked to accept the License Agreement to use the Algorius Net Viewer. Please read it carefully.

The next software installation step offers you to create the Algorius Net Viewer shortcuts on your desktop. Select the shortcuts that you would like to create and click Next button to continue.

Select the folder you would like the Algorius Net Viewer Software components to be installed to. You can use the recommended folder or select another one by yourself.

After clicking Next button, you will be taken to the final stage of the Algorius Net Viewer software installation. Then, click Install button to install the software.

If you install the Algorius Net Viewer Software over some previous version with your previous version currently running, the Installation Wizard will offer you to finish its work. At this stage you can choose from two different options like close the running application automatically or manually by yourself.

The Installation Wizard will offer you to launch the Algorius Net Viewer application after all the components are installed. Click Finish button to close the Installation Wizard and launch the application.