Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Interface Language

Change Interface Language

You can change the Algorius Net Viewer interface language.

To do this, go to the application Options, select the General section, select the appropriate language from the language list and click OK.

Language options for web interfaces are available at the Web Server step of the Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup.

Translate Into Your Language

You can translate the Algorius Net Viewer interface language into your native language.

Language files are located in Languages folder where the application is installed. Choose language file you wish to translate from and open it in any text editor (for example, in Notepad).

The language file is a plain text file, which contains the name of the element and an appropriate value in each line. You should only edit the value that goes after '=' separation symbol.

Save the language file next to the original language file by specifying the language name as the file name and setting the respective file extension (.lng). After that, you can perform the translation.

Return to the Options dialog General section. You will see your language appeared in the interface language list.