Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Configuring

Inventory process settings are set up separately for the application and for each server.

To configure the inventory process, go to app or server options and select Inventory:

Following elements are available:

  • Connection timeout — time period in seconds when the connection with device is being established. If connection is not established during this time, then device is considered as unavailable.
  • Thread number — maximum amount of simultaneously scanned devices. Other devices will wait in the queue. It minimizes the network load.
  • Gather following data — list of components to gather data about. Disable the components with obsolete data – it will speed up the scanning.
  • Enable receiving inventory data from InventoryAgent.exe via Web server — enables receiving the data from Inventory Agent. Web server should be on to receive the data. Available only for server settings.
  • Gather the data automatically — enables automatic device scanning in background mode during application or service operation.
  • Setup a schedule — configures the scheduler.
  • Scan active devices only — scan only active (turned on) devices. It speeds up the inventory.
  • Scan inventoried devices only — scan the devices with previous successful inventory. Existing data will be updated. It speeds up the inventory.
  • Scan the devices on following maps only — limits the map number for automatic inventory.