Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Device Scanning

In order to remotely get or refresh the inventory for required devices via the network, select InventoryTake Inventory in main menu of from context menu of required devices. Since the inventory is taken over the network, this item is available only for those devices that have a network address. Taking Inventory window will be opened. Click Scan devices. The following window will be opened:

Select the devices to be scanned. Following elements are available:

  • Devices on all maps — scan the devices on all maps.
  • Devices on the current map — scan the devices on current map only.
  • Selected devices on the current map — scan the selected devices on current map only. Disabled, if no devices are selected on the current map.
  • Only following types of devices — scan the devices of specified type.
  • Only devices with following sensor — scan the devices with specified sensor only.
  • Only active devices — scan only active (turned on) devices. It speeds up the inventory.
  • Only inventoried devices — scan the devices with previous successful inventory. Existing data will be updated. It speeds up the inventory.

This step is skipped if one device is selected on the card. In this case, the device will be scanned immediately.

In any case only the devices with specified address will be scanned. The address is required to connect with the computer via the network.

Next step: scanning. Scanning of network devices is performed. Application scans several devices simultaneously according to inventory settings.

In case if a device cannot be scanned, the corresponding error will be displayed. See Troubleshooting for help in resolving the issue.

As soon as a device is scanned, next step becomes available with Finish button – when it is clicked, all gathered data are saved to the database and become available for display. If the Open scanned cards checkbox is checked on the step upon completion of the device scanning, then the scanned cards will be opened on tabs for viewing or editing. See Card Editing for more information.