Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Inventory Agent

Inventory agent is implemented as a separate application InventoryAgent.exe, located in Algorius Net Viewer installation catalog. Agent enables inventory of the computers which are difficult to be accessed via the network or are not within the network. You can copy InventoryAgent.exe file and use it individually, it doesn’t require any files from Algorius Net Viewer distributive.

Just run the InventoryAgent.exe file to launch the agent. The following window will open:

Following elements are available:

  • Collect information about following components — list of the components to collect information about. Disable the components if you do need the information about them – it will make the inventory process faster.
  • Send to Web server — enables the sending of collected information to Algorius Net Viewer Web-server. Specify the Web-server address from Web-server settings in URL field. Receiving of this data must be enabled in inventory settings.
  • Save to file — saves the collected information into the separate file in specified folder. Information is stored in XML format and can be imported then into Algorius Net Viewer.
  • Command for automatic execution — command to automate the data gathering process. It launches the agent which automatically gathers the required data and sends or saves it according to the settings. Agent closes automatically after that.
  • Add hidden mode — adds an option to run Agent in hidden mode. While in hidden mode, Agent doesn’t open any windows, gathers all required data automatically and sends or saves it according to the settings. It enables the hidden inventory process with no confusion for the end users.

Generally, you should launch Agent on every machine to take inventory via Agent. Inventory agent gathers the required information and sends it to the server. There are several ways to launch the Agent on every machine:

  • The most efficient way – add a command to network domain script. It is executed on every domain’s machine on its startup. It can fully automate the data gathering process.
  • If computers are not within the process, you can save InventoryAgent.exe to the Flash drive, use it on every PC, collect and export inventory data to Flash drive and then import all the data to the server.
  • If computers are included into a workgroup and not in domain, then you can add a command into startup menu of every machine.
  • You can launch the agent remotely via external launch utilities, e.g. using the third-party utility PsExec.exe. In that case you can add the launch into external commands for your convenience.