Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Taking Inventory

Algorius Net Viewer provides various methods to take inventory.

Usually the inventory is taken automatically remotely from network administrator machine. It is supposed that network administrator has admin rights (administrator login) on all machines which should go through inventory process. Algorius Net Viewer connects to specified machines and collects the required information.

If access to computers over the network is difficult or the computers are offline, the inventory can be taken using the Inventory Agent.

After the automatic collection, you can correct and supplement the collected information with your data.

Using the scheduler, you can automate device scanning. In this case, computers will be scanned automatically on a schedule.

For taking inventory, select InventoryTake Inventory in the main window menu or the context menu of the required devices. The Taking Inventory window will open:

Select the required operation:

  • Scan devices — take inventory remotely over the network. See Device Scanning for more information.
  • Import from file/directory — upload inventory data collected using the Inventory Agent. See Data Import for more information.
  • Assign card — allows assigning an inventory card to a device selected on the card.
  • Manually create a new card – create a new empty inventory card and assign it to the selected device. This item is available only if there is one device selected on the map that is not assigned an inventory card. After creation, the card will be opened for editing. See Card Editing for more information.

You can automate the device scanning via the scheduler. In that case machines will be scanned automatically according to the schedule.

If it is difficult to access computers via the network or if computers are not within the network, data can be gathered via Inventory Agent.