Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Monitoring Log

General Information

Algorius Net Viewer keeps a Monitoring log. The log contains results of devices scanning. The records are stored in a database and viewed using Monitoring reports.

Monitoring log keeps detailed data for 3 hours enabling the detailed immediate log for all devices with Full logging level. It allows to display detailed operational monitoring log.

The monitoring log in Algorius Net Viewer allows keeping statistics for each hour and day. Records for each device and each scanning method are automatically and hourly grouped. Only those records are grouped where device didn’t change its state and error code. E.g. if a device was always on during one hour and was scanned each minute, one record will persist in database instead of 60. Thus database size can be decreased 60 times. And the less records you have, the faster reports are generated. Similarly, records can be grouped daily. This allows further reducing the size of the database. The information as to which records should be grouped hourly, and which daily, is set in the logging settings.

Statistics data are taken each hour – number of scans, min and max value etc. Thus you can quickly generate accurate reports and charts.

Records are grouped before being added into the database for the purposes of statistical logging. It decreases database load significantly.

Only numeric values of monitoring results are sent to monitoring log. String values are stored in application memory only and are displayed if you point a mouse over a device.

Data in monitoring log are indexed by map and by device. It further enhances report generation speed per map and especially per device.


To clear the monitoring log, select MonitoringClear Log from the main window menu. The monitoring log records will be deleted.

You can also set the program to automatically remove old log records. See Configuring database for more information.

Operative Log

Algorius Net Viewer allows you to maintain an operative monitoring log. The data in this log is stored in RAM. The device scanning results for the specified number of hours are saved.

The operative monitoring log data is used in the device hint window and in the notification:

  • In the device hint window, the operative log data is used to build monitoring diagrams. The chart is dynamically updated and displays current real-time data.
  • In the notification, the operational monitoring log data is used to calculate the duration of the monitoring values ​​in the specified range. See Notification Event Configuration for more information.


See Configuring database for information about configuring logs.