Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Monitoring Server

General Information

Monitoring server provides the following abilities:

  • Centralized device scanning in computer network.
  • Providing monitoring result to other users.
  • Server-to-Server exchange.

Thus, device scanning is performed from only some few computers, and all others just request the results. It prevents the network clogging with ICMP and other data packages, thereby increasing the monitoring quality.

Following monitoring modes are possible:

  • Application scans all devices in all maps by itself;
  • Application scans devices in some maps by itself and for other maps receives the monitoring results from defined servers.

You can define different monitoring servers for different maps.

You can receive monitoring result from different servers and provide the common result to other users.

In a simple case you have to make the following to use monitoring server: launch Algorius Net Viewer on a separate computer (server), open required maps, monitor them and provide the monitoring result by starting Web Server. On other PCs (clients) it is required to specify a map (or map folder) and HTTP address of Web Server, which is used to get the monitoring results.

Configuring Server

Monitoring Server is started by launching the Web Server.

Exchange protocol looks as follows: clients request the monitoring results, providing the addresses and scanning methods. Server returns a state of each of requested devices (active or inactive) and scanning status (like ping completed in 10 ms). Information is provided for those devices only, which are requested by client and are scanned by server. Request and response have XML format and are transferred via HTTP with anonymous authentication.

Additionally, the server transmits the visual information about the used scanning methods: the identifier, the name and the measure unit. It is necessary for correct displaying of the monitoring results.

Configuring Client

To receive the monitoring results of specific maps from monitoring server, select FileOptions from the main window menu, or press the Options button on the toolbar or press F9. The Options dialog box will appear. Select Monitoring tab:

Check the Use monitoring server checkbox. Click Add button. Monitoring Server window will open:

You can specify the Map file to be scanned with monitoring server or specify the Maps folder – all maps in this folder and its subfolders will be scanned with monitoring server.

Enter the HTTP address of monitoring server to be used. It should be the same as the HTTP address, specified at the enabling of Web server.

Server-to-Server Exchange

If your company consists of several branches and it is complicated to monitor the whole company from each branch, then it is recommended to configure the server-to-server exchange.

Usually it looks as follows: copy of maps of the whole organization is stored in each branch. Every branch has a server, where launched Algorius Net Viewer monitors the devices of its branch. Applications exchange with monitoring results and provide this information to the branch users. Thus all the users can see the monitoring results for all branches, and they receive it from local server almost instantly.

It is recommended to use monitoring server in conjunction with maps server. You can find the server-to-server exchange configuration description for both these servers in Maps Server — Server-to-Server exchange.