Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Example

As an example, let’s consider the following script: in case if any server stops working, it is necessary to immediately notify the server administrator via email with a network map image attached to it, add a message to the event log, play a sound and show a message in the system tray.

Next, display a notification message in the system tray if any of the servers does not respond within 50 minutes.

Next, change the severity type to Alarm and send a letter to the manager if any of the servers does not respond within an hour.

To configure notification system, select MonitoringNotifications from the main window menu. The Notifications Settings window will appear. Click the Actions section and add the Send e-mail action.

If this is the first time you configure an Email notification the application will ask you to specify the mail server. The E-Mail Server Properties window will appear:

The figure shows an example of configuring the Mail server for the Gmail account. Define and use the settings of your email account server in the same way. See more in the Configuring Mail Server section.

Send a test message to verify that the specified mail server settings are correct. Check that you have actually received the test message sent and press OK. The Action window will appear.

Specify the action parameters: enter the administrator’s email address in the recipient field, check the Attach network map image checkbox and name the action as ‘Email the administrator’.

Similarly, create the ‘Email the manager’ action, and enter the manager email address. It is also possible to add several email addresses separated by semicolons or commas.

Specify the additional actions: ‘Add message to the event log’, ‘Play sound file’, ‘Show message in the system tray’.

As a result, the Actions section should look like this:

Move to the Events section and add a new event. Change the severity type to Error, change the device type to Server and select the required actions, as shown in the next screenshot:

The tip shown above the list of actions is an additional way to verify that notification is configured correctly: if any ‘Server’ of any map is inactive do the following actions.

Test the notification by pressing the Test button in the event window.

Similarly, add a couple of other events, putting the duration of 50 minutes for one and 1 hour for another, and specify Show message in the system tray and Email the manager actions respectively.

As a result, the Events section should look like this:

Press the OK button. Script configuration is finished.