Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Connection Lines

Adding to Network Map

To add a new line to the network map, press the Draw Line button on the toolbar or press the Ctrl+L button. The map editor arrow cursor will become a cross cursor, showing the drawing mode is activated. Clicking on the network map will create the first vertex of the line and the next click will correspondingly set its second vertex. Following this, the connection line will be created and added to the network map.

The drawing mode will remain active after you draw a line, so that you can just add one more line.


When adding a new line, you can also click on the free ends of the other selected lines, which will continue a new line from the existing one. It is possible to combine lines that way.


All basic line operations, such as line deleting, moving, etc. comply with the general rules. See the relevant chapters in the Network Map Objects section.

Use the left mouse button, while holding down the Shift button, to move the line vertex for any degree divisible by 15.

To add a vertex, simple, while holding down the Ctrl button, double-click in the place you want to add it in, or select Add Vertex from the context menu in that place.

To divide a line into two lines, select Divide in the context menu of the line. The selected line will be divided into 2 lines.

You can use the Tab key to switch between line vertexes. This hotkey allows quickly moving or deleting a specific vertex using the keyboard keys only.

Changing the basic line attributes, such as style, weight and color, is available through the toolbar. The appropriate editors for viewing and editing the line attributes will appear on the toolbar right after a necessary line is selected.

To edit a line, select one and press Enter, or select Properties from the context line menu. The Lines Properties dialog box will appear:

This dialog box allows specifying the line dash style, color, weight, arrow and adding its description as well. The line description is shown in the tooltip when you hover over a line and is for informational purposes only. It is convenient to visualize data flow directions.

If the line connects devices, you can specify which port the line is connected to for each device and specify the cable type and length. See Connections for more information.