Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Images

Adding to Network Map

To add a graphic image to a network map, press the Add Image button on the toolbar or press Ctrl+I. The cursor arrow in the editor will become a cross cursor, showing the image entering mode is activated. Clicking on the map will set the upper-left position of the image. The Choose Image File dialog box will appear. Specify the required file and press OK. The image will be immediately added to the network map.

It is possible to use Drag&Drop to add graphic image file on a network map.


All basic graphic image operations, such as deleting, moving, etc. comply with the general rules. See the relevant chapters in the Network Map Objects section.

To edit a graphic image, select one and press Enter, or select Properties from the context text field menu. The Image Properties dialog box will appear. This dialog box allows changing the graphic image file and adding its description as well. The graphic image description is shown in the tooltip when you hover over a graphic image and is for informational purposes only.