Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Map Links

General Information

Links allow to organize relations between the maps. With the help of links on the map, you can link to other maps. Links are displayed on the map visually, as a cloud. Double-clicking on the cloud will refer you to the map that we link to. This makes navigation between maps easier.

The color of the cloud displays the status of the map to which we are referring, according to the notification settings. With its help, you can see the status of other cards on the current map.

Under the cloud, the number of map events to which we refer can be optionally displayed, taking into account all its child maps. The number of events is displayed separately for each severity level: information, warnings, errors, and alarms.

Adding to Network Map

Use one of the following options to create a link to another map on a current map:

  • Enter link adding mode by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar or by pressing Ctrl+M and click on a map, where you want to add a link.
  • Drag other map’s tab on the current map.
  • Drag other map from map tree on the current map.

Link editor will open.


All basic link operations, such as deleting, moving, etc. comply with the general rules. See the relevant chapters in the Network Map Objects section.

To edit a link, select one and press Alt+Enter, or select Properties from its context menu. The Link To Another Map dialog box will appear:

Following elements are available:

  • Map file — name of a map to which we are referring.
  • Location — map location: local or server-based.
  • Description — description, displayed in a link on a map.

The display of the number of events under the links is configured in the context menu of links on the map. It allows for the customization of the appearance for one or more links at the same time.