Meet Algorius Net Viewer 11.6

Algorius Net Viewer 11.6 has been released. This version makes it much easier to work with layers, brings back Telegram notifications, and offers much improved optimization.


Working with layers and objects on the map is now much more convenient. You can now copy layers together with objects and paste them from the clipboard to another layer or to another map. The Drag&Drop functionality allows to easily move layers and objects from layer to layer.

It is now possible to define the objects' ordering within a layer (so-called Z-order). In the previous versions, the ordering was determined automatically, which did not provide sufficient flexibility. Now, users have access to both methods.

This version also introduces a protection from accidental repositioning of objects on a map. The option can be accessed via layer tree or menu.


Also introducing: a bot for sending Telegram notifications. The bot is protected from bans by virtue of sending messages only to those users who have given approval. The notifications are sent from the bot and not from the users' personal profiles.

To set up Telegram notifications, first, you need to register a Telegram bot. For a guide on how to do it, follow this link:


The Appearance->Show Status setting for devices has been moved to device settings in the Monitoring tab. This makes it possible to display only the relevant sensors on the map. Using group operations, users can quickly enable or disable the display of certain sensors for multiple devices on one or more maps at once.

Users with the Administrator status can now stop the monitoring of required maps on a server. Previously, the monitoring could be stopped only for local maps.

The full list of innovations and fixed errors is available at the following link:

If you find any errors in the application's functioning, or have suggestions for its improvement, we are always glad to hear about them. This helps us enhance the product’s quality and develop it taking into account your suggestions.

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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