Comprehensive software product for visualizing, administering, monitoring, and inventorying computers network of any level

Algorius Net Viewer screenshot - demo map

How Algorius Net Viewer helps administrators


Algorius Net Viewer is your guide to the computer network! Have the network infrastructure displayed conveniently, and navigate it easily.

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Algorius Net Viewer is your computer network control panel! Be in command of the computers and network devices without having to leave your working place.

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Algorius Net Viewer is a control of services, servers, and other network devices. Get their current statuses via SNMP, WMI, and other protocols.

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Algorius Net Viewer is a system for information collection and record keeping. Be aware of up-to-date information on the use of the equipment and software.

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Algorius Net Viewer is a notification by Telegram, Email, SMS, etc. Stay informed about any unforeseen errors and potential problems of network devices.

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Algorius Net Viewer is a generator of reports, logs, diagrams. Have objective information to analyze the work of the network infrastructure.

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Web interface

Algorius Net Viewer is a Web server. Get access to network maps, real-time monitoring, logs, reports, and diagrams from anywhere in the world.

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Algorius Net Viewer is a system that allows you to monitor over 100'000 devices in each instance. Develop your network, and the program will support it.

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Why use Algorius Net Viewer? Advantages

Algorius Net Viewer can be installed and updated in a matter of seconds.
This allows you to start using the application right away.

No lengthy and expensive setup process is required after installation.
Even setup and starting the server are possible in automatic mode.

You don't need to write complex, multi-level scripts to configure it.
We value your time, so we strive to make complex things easy to use.

It's a single system rather than a set of disparate applications.
This facilitates an integrated approach to servicing your network infrastructure.

It's a flexible system, not a final solution.
This allows you to expand and adapt its functionality to meet your specific needs.

It's for more than just large distributed corporate systems.
The application is designed to service infrastructure of any level.

You won't need large, expensive resources.
Even a mid-tier computer is enough to work with tens of thousands of devices.

You won't need a separate license for each workspace.
It is enough to activate the license on the server.

Algorius Net Viewer is used in 50+ industries

With its friendly interface, expansive feature set, and high performance, Algorius Net Viewer has become a popular product among users all over the world. Thanks to the variety of use cases for which it is designed, our product has been chosen by companies from an in incredibly wide range of industries.

Algorius Net Viewer is a perfect fit for any organization with a computer network.

How much does Algorius Net Viewer cost?

We've developed a flexible licensing policy with annual and unlimited licenses. Annual licenses have a set duration, and unlimited licenses can be used indefinitely. A free version of the program is available so you can familiarize yourself with its features.*

60 types of licenses annual and unlimited

Starting at $15 per license

Up to 40% off when you buy a license for 2-3 years at once

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* The free version of the program allows you to keep five computer network maps open at once, add up to 25 devices to each map, monitor up to 25 hosts,
use up to 25 inventory cards, and view reports for the last month. It has no time limit.

Try Algorius Net Viewer for free right now

The availability of a free version and quick installation allow you to start using the program right away.

Download Algorius Net Viewer

For Windows x86/x64 | 20.6 MB | v. 2024.7.3