Meet Algorius Net Viewer 2023.12.1

Algorius Net Viewer 2023.12.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Algorius Net Viewer 2023.12.1. In this version, you can expect an updated app interface, expanded device collection, new object types, etc.

Application version

The first thing we'd like to draw your attention to is the switch to a new numbering system for versions. The number contains the year and month of the version release and the serial number of the build. This numbering system is more informative.

Application interface

The interface for the client part was rewritten entirely using newer technologies. This provided support for hardware acceleration for map rendering, correct support for high-definition monitors, and laid a great foundation for future product development.

This version takes users' interaction with the app to a new level. It's now possible to customize the app environment to make work more convenient. Menus or tabs can now be displayed in the window title bar. Menus can be placed in a separate button. You can disable individual interface elements to maximize the working area.

New interface in Algorius Net Viewer
New interface in Algorius Net Viewer 2023.12.1

Color themes

The support for color themes has been added in this version. The following themes are currently available for use: light, dark, blue, khaki, green, retro. Based on these themes, you can create your own, for example, using the organization's brand colors or those colors that suit you best.

Color themes in Algorius Net Viewer
Color themes in Algorius Net Viewer 2023.12.1

Device collection

The collection of devices is constantly updated thanks to your requests. In this version, it has been replenished with 46 devices. Two new categories have also been added: Industrial and IoT.

Device collection in Algorius Net Viewer
Device collection in Algorius Net Viewer 2023.12.1

Side panels

The new Servers and Properties sidebars have been added. Now, you can simultaneously display several panels on the left and right:

Side panels in Algorius Net Viewer
Side panels in Algorius Net Viewer 2023.12.1

The features of the lines, text blocks, and map background editor were moved to the Properties panel, which is where you can simultaneously edit the properties of several selected objects on the map and the properties of several selected maps.

New object types

New types of objects have been added: figures and widgets. Figure styles and widget types will be expanded over time. Previously, links to other maps could display the number of devices in different states. This component was moved to a separate widget.

New object types in Algorius Net Viewer
New object types in Algorius Net Viewer 2023.12.1

The properties of objects, such as figures, text blocks, images, and map links, were combined. You can now add a text block as a polygon, set its background image and text, and add a link to a map.

Status bar

Changes have also been made to the status bar located at the bottom of the app's window. The status bar now displays the total number of devices, events, and indicators for messages, notifications, and errors.


This version has limited backward compatibility. It is not recommended to save in the old version of the application the maps that were created in the new version, because such information as widgets, background images in text blocks and other innovations will be lost.

The full list of innovations and fixed errors is available at the following link:

If you find any errors in the application's functioning, or have suggestions for its improvement, we are always glad to hear about them. This helps us enhance the product’s quality and develop it taking into account your suggestions.

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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