New abilities of Algorius Net Viewer 4.1

We are glad to inform you about new abilities of Algorius Net Viewer 4.1. It is remarkable that this version is fully developed according to the feedback from our users, demonstrating our full attention to users’ opinion. Please contact us any time, we are happy to receive your comments and reviews and are grateful to the users, who provide such a support.

New network devices

10 new devices are added into standard collection: Chat server, Cloud, Virtual machine, DVR, DVR camera, MFD, Rack ATS, Rack DVR, Rack patch panel, Rack UPS:

Chat server, Cloud, Virtual machine, DVR, DVR camera, MFD, Rack ATS, Rack DVR, Rack patch panel, Rack UPS
New network devices

Limitation of network map access via Web interface

Now you can limit the list of maps, accessible via Web-interface. You can specify map catalogs or specific maps. Previously you had to run 2 entities of an application to do that, now it became easier. If password authorization is enabled then you can specify different map list for different users. Windows, Kerberos and NTLM authorizations enable assignment of different map lists to different operating system roles.

SMS notification via 3G 4G modem

You can connect GPRS modem, mobile phone or 2G/3G/4G modem to a PC (usually via USB) and use it to send SMS from Algorius Net Viewer in case of equipment shutdown, launch or downtime. Device should enable modem mode – almost all devices are capable of that, though sometimes it can be blocked by a provider (e.g. in iPhone). It is easy to check – connect a device to PC, wait until drivers are installed and check if there is new modem in Windows Device Manager. Go to Modem tab in modem settings and find the assigned COM-port there – this value should be entered in Algorius Net Viewer. You can also find Diagnostics tab in modem settings – we highly recommend to run modem diagnostics before using it with Algorius Net Viewer. In some cases it helps to detect and prevent possible issues. For example, most of 3G/4G modems have software installed to be launched to enable Internet connection. This software blocks COM-port and disables SMS sending. This software should be closed in this case.

Chat and SMS notification via Skype

If you have Skype launched, then Algorius Net Viewer can use it for notifications. It can send text notification to specified user or SMS notification to particular number. You should confirm the ability to use it after first launch of Skype. Open Skype and select `Accept`.

Settings of device monitoring log

User with a lot of devices will be interested in this functionality. Algorius Net Viewer can scan thousands of devices per minute. This is a significant load on database with monitoring log. Now you can switch monitoring off for specific devices or minimize logging – log only device switch on/off. It significantly decreases the database size, speeds up report generation due to less data to be processed. Please note that this will limit monitoring reports for devices with disabled full logging, since there will be just no data for a report.

Displaying devices status on the network map

Select a device, choose 'Appearance->Show Status' in its context menu. The status of the device will be displayed on the map. Status includes the scanning method, current response time and event severity indication (if there is any), according to the Notification System settings.

Example of status displaying
Example of status displaying

Enhanced automatic line connection between network devices

From now on, if all incoming lines from one of the sides may be drawn horizontally or vertically, they will be drawn like that. Your maps will be more accurate and tidy. You can tune up the lines by adding the interim nodes.

Example of automatic device connection
Example of automatic device connection

Quick copies

Now you can just click on the object, hold Ctrl and drag it to create a copy – quick and simple. If you also hold Shift, then it will move only vertically or horizontally.

Map backup copies on saving

Backup copies setting in Map Server is now applicable for map saving also. You will definitely appreciate this ability, when you succeed to restore some map after losing it. We’ve also implemented the protection against errors during saving of maps and application settings (e.g. if there is no more free disk space or power is off). It prevents file corruption.

Improvement of Map information report

Now you can filter devices by type in Map information report, creating a report only for specific devices.

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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