Algorius Net Viewer 7.2 - the easier it is, the more reliable it works.

We are glad to inform you about the release of new Algorius Net Viewer 7.2 version.

Version 7.2 is mostly focused on enhanced reliability. Therefore there are relatively few new features in this version, and its major purpose was to test and fix the existing bugs: from minor to critical ones. New features mostly make the existing functionality easier – the easier it is, the more reliable it works.

Scanning methods

Previous versions included 'Always active', 'Any of connected', 'All connected' scanning methods – now they are fully automated. If a device has no scanning methods, then it is displayed as always enabled. If such device is also connected with other devices, then its status depends on them.

Measurement units

Now each scanning method has its measurement units. You can specify it manually for such scanning methods as WMI and SNMP. You can exactly specify what is measured by this or that sensor: temperature, speed, frequency etc. It improves the data display in device status, reports and charts. When displayed, data are also automatically converted into more readable format – e.g. 1 GB instead of 1073741824 bytes or 8 h instead of 28800 sec.:

Measurement units in Algorius Net Viewer
Measurement units in Algorius Net Viewer


We have added inventory log for each PC. It helps to monitor the inventory process and track and resolve various errors.

Software data gathering algorithm is reworked. Issues with data gathering for 64-bit/32-bit applications are resolved. Data gathering speed has been improved significantly. It is pretty important in case of large number of PCs.

Data gathering is extended with BIOS serial number, manufacturer and PC model.


Now you can connect lines not only to the devices, but also to textboxes and links to other maps. Thus you can enhance your network diagrams and schemes:

Lines in Algorius Net Viewer
Lines in Algorius Net Viewer

New devices

Following devices are added: Air conditioner, Mixing console, Rack switch, Remote control, USB hub, USB key:

New devices in Algorius Net Viewer
New devices in Algorius Net Viewer

Fixed errors

You can check the list of all fixes in the full features/fixes list by the following link:

You can read the description of the main new features of:

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