Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Portable Version

You can create the portable version of Algorius Net Viewer, configured according to your preferences, with included maps, devices, external commands etc.

To create the portable version, copy the content of Algorius Net Viewer folder (folder with NetViewer.exe) into a separate directory. Add maps, device images, third-party software used as external commands etc. into this directory.

Copy the configuration file (options.xml) to the same directory as NetViewer.exe. This file is usually located in Roaming:

C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Algorius\Algorius Net Viewer\<Version>\options.xml

Options.xml file in the same folder as the application has the higher priority than the file in Roaming.

You can launch NetViewer.exe from this directory and make the additional settings.

Portable version is ready. You can copy it to network or flash drive and launch on any PC.

For you comfort you can create zip file of the whole directory or self-extracting archive (exe file).