Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Registration

You can use Algorius Net Viewer application and Algorius Net Viewer server for free for an unlimited number of days. Registration provides additional features. Detailed information on license restrictions is displayed in the License Manager, which is available in the Help menu in the main application window.

You will need to purchase a software registration key to register the Algorius Net Viewer. Please, follow the instructions on the page and you will receive your registration key by e-mail.

The e-mail contains a text registration key and has an attached registration key file as well.

Select the HelpLicense Manager option in the main window menu bar. The License Manager dialog box will open. Click Activate License button. Now paste the software registration key from the clipboard or load the registration key file that is attached to the e-mail. Click OK to save the registration key and close the dialog box. After that, registration information will be displayed in the License Manager window.

To register an Algorius Net Viewer server, launch the Algorius Net Viewer Server Setup and activate the registration key at the License step.

Select the HelpAbout option from the main window menu bar to see the information about the software. The About Algorius Net Viewer window that opens next will display the software version and description, license name and the registration key number, etc.