Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Data Import

In order to import data gathered by Inventory Agent, select InventoryTake Inventory in main menu or in device context menu to import the inventory data. Taking Inventory window will open. Select Import from file/directory and click Next button. Select the file or directory from which the inventory data will be loaded and click Next. The following page will display the loaded data and its description. When you click Finish, the collected information will be saved on inventory cards in the database

During the import, a card is searched for information update. The search is performed by the name and domain of the computer for which data was collected. If the card with the same name and computer domain is found, the data in it will be updated. If the card is not found, a new card will be created.

Import from file is available only if one device is selected on a map. It enables assigning imported card to any device. Import from directory is available if there are no or several devices selected. If, after importing from the directory, new inventory cards are created, they should be assigned to the required devices. See Card Assignment for more information.