Algorius Net Viewer Manual | Configuring

Notification settings are set up separately for local maps and for each server. Such notification types as Display message on the screen and Display message in the system tray can only be executed in the app, in the client.

To add a notification, select MonitoringNotifications from the main window menu. The Notification Settings dialog box will appear:

Depending on the type of map currently opened (local or server-downloaded), the system will display either the in-app or server-based notification settings. You can also access notification settings through the Server section of each server's main menu, or through the map tree.

The common algorithm of configuring notification system is as follows: first, you need to add actions, i.e. the way the Algorius Net Viewer will notify you about things happening. Then you should add events that the Algorius Net Viewer should notify you about. The last step is making up a list of notification actions for each event.

The Algorius Net Viewer monitors all the events added to the events list and notifies you with an appropriate notification message if any of the events happen.