Licensing Questions and Answers

What is the validity period of commercial licenses?

The validity period of annual licenses ranges from 1 to 3 years and is indicated when placing an order. The validity of perpetual licenses is unlimited in time.

What is the period of access to updates for commercial licenses?

The period of access to updates for annual licenses is the same as the license validity period. The period of access to updates for perpetual licenses is at least 1 year and can be extended at any time by paying a renewal charge.

What is the “number of monitoring hosts” in licenses?

The number of hosts refers to the number of different DNS names (or IP addresses) on all open computer network maps. During a license check, the application calculates how many different hosts you need to scan. This is the number that is meant by the number of monitoring hosts in the licenses. The current number of monitoring hosts is displayed in the License Manager, which is available on the Help menu in the application interface.

What is the “number of inventory cards” in licenses?

The number of inventory cards refers to the number of inventory cards that are added to the application and are designed to keep records of data in automatic and/or manual mode. The current number of inventory cards is displayed in the License Manager, which is available through the application interface in the Help menu.

Can I use one license on several computers in my organization at once?

One license allows you to use Algorius Net Viewer in “Local” and “Client” modes on several of your computers and in “Server” mode on one computer at the same time. One license cannot be used simultaneously for several instances of Algorius Net Viewer in the "Server" mode. License activation on the client is not required, it is enough to activate the license on the server.

Our company provides PC maintenance services for other organizations. Can we run the application on computers owned by our clients?

Yes, this feature is provided for licenses with indices "ANV-500", "ANV-1000", "ANV-2500", "ANV-5000", and "ANV-10000". Your employees can install and use the registered version of Algorius Net Viewer on computers belonging to the clients to whom you provide IT services on the basis of a civil law contract. At the same time, if the client’s employees want to use Algorius Net Viewer themselves, the client will need to purchase the appropriate license for their employees.

Can other users use the license I purchased?

Yes, but only on your computers.

License agreement

Detailed licensing information is available in the license agreement: anv-eula-en.pdf.